Omar Lye-fook is “That Guy!!” Relight Festival Wolverhampton September 4, 2021 – Posted in: Latest News, Lifestyle, News, Uncategorized

Omar thanks for the continued support from everyone in the “I’m That Guy!!” movement. 👍🏼 Above: Omar Lye-fook, MBE and Jazzie B, OBE from Soul II Soul. #uksoul #godfather #thatguy #imthatguy #streetwear #movement #legend #theresnothinglikethis #mentalwellness #mentalhealth @mindcharity @suicide.prevention.2020 #hope #selfbelief Omar Lye-fook in the black “I’m That Guy” Classic hoodie alongside musician Brian F. Henry.    

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Ragga Twins August 19, 2021 – Posted in: General, Latest News, Lifestyle, News

“Flinty BADMAN” 👍🏼 The Ragga Twins, also known as RTC, are an English ragga and jungle MC duo of Deman Rocker (David Destouche) and Flinty Badman (Trevor Destouche). Originating from Hackney, England, they started out on London’s Unity sound system, and are regarded as pioneers of the scene. All Music called them “crucial cogs in the development of U.K. dance music.” Ragga Twins STEP INto “I’m That Guy” streetwear.  This is more than a…

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The British Collective May 12, 2021 – Posted in: General, Latest News, News

IMG_1707 The Godfathers of British Soul are “THAT GUY!!” “The British Collective” are wearing some of the NEW 2021 “I’m That Guy” hoodie colours now available in store. ‘The Godfathers of British Soul’, the core members of this landmark group Don-e, Junior Giscombe, Noel McKoy and Omar, have been amongst the ‘Torch Bearers’ of authentic British soul music since the 80’s. Individually, they have sold millions of records worldwide, recorded some of the most…

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