About - I'm That Guy!

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About I’M THAT GUY!!

Designer clothing is a brand that connects people.

“who is guy?” “guy” is everything good in us! “guy” is male, female, transgender, black, white, green and yellow. “guy” is simply everything positive.

We want people to be “that guy,” whether you’re walking proudly in our t-shirt or hoodie or on the other side of it, say hello check on that stranger you don’t know if they are suffering from depression, loneliness, health issues, a simple hello may make all the difference. “i’m that guy,” are you?

We want people that buy our t-shirt and hoodie designs to connect with others as our thought-provoking design does.

Look beyond the “i’m that guy” print say hello, to the person in it or in front of it, check on them. Connect that’s why we are proud supporters of mind, prostrate cancer, alzheimer’s society and shelter. Show your support plus enjoy the brand a positive brand that makes all the difference. Be the best of “guy!!!”

Please keep sending us pictures or short video clips saying “i’m that guy!!!” Showing the best of “guy!!!” In all scenarios. Your input and creativity gives our brand a life of it’s own.

Email – pics and video to sales@imthatguy.store